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The academic campus consists of big airy well-ventilated teaching block, furniture; sapcious lecture halls well equipped computer lab and laboratories, well stocked library, common rooms, administrative office and student's activity center.


College is unique, with best collection of course books along with latest and up to date reference materials. It is also subscribing to a large no. of journals, almost all the national and local news papers and magazines. To help students to sit & concentrate separately & deeply. Provision of separate study room is made available. It is shortly to the connected internet to provide information from all over the world. The suitable collections of video tables CD-ROM's, Tape-Recorders, along with audio cassettes on different subjects are available be can issue basis. There are adequate books for students.


All subject laboratories are suitably designed, separate acid and reagent racks waste-material, Dust-bin, Gas-burner, chemicals, test- tube stands, glass-items & apparatus etc. accordingly so as to enable students to do practical work individually.